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"Culture eats strategy for breakfast."

Peter Drucker



As Entrepreneurs we all know that it needs an excellent management based on high performance to lead the organization towards success.

To enter a new state of success which is beyond the ordinary is only possible if every single part of your organization starts thriving towards fulfillment. Someone who lives a fulfilled life is someone who is always appreciating, growing, caring, innovating and contributing. This is the heart of every organization and creates a strong cultural identification.

There are three layers you have to master simultaneously to take your business and culture to the next level:

  • The Art of Expression: Concept, Brand, Marketing, Sales

  • The Art of Performance: Strategy, Management, Operations

  • The Art of Fulfillment: Vision, Culture, Business Design, Networks

In the different stages we accompany you through a sustainable, long-term and goal-oriented transformation process.

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During this phase we help you to define your authentic culture, which gives you a deep foundation to growth and thrive

  • Step 1 Analyze Status Quo 

  • Step 2 Culture Survey 

  • Step 3 Culture Talks 

  • Step 4 Mapping Culture in CCI (Corporate Culture Identity)

  • Step 5 Creating Your Culture Magazin


We work with your employees and leadership team to implement strong values and a shared, aligned vision for the entire organization.

  • Step 1 Adjusting Structures 

  • Step 2 Implementing Culture Tools

  • Step 3 Culture Survey  - checking the change 

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We integrate your genuine culture into your daily business and routines.
We support you to spread your unique culture to attract new talent and create strong employer branding. 

  • Step 1: Daily / Weekly Routines

  • Step 2: Growth Calls & Mastermind Groups

  • Step 3: Employer Branding via Social Media